Diary of Wisdom and Love

The dream I had from Our Lord today

Sale Moor, UK

As I was sleeping, Our Lord appeared to me in a dream and invited me on a walk.

In the dream I was in the transept of a Church praying, when the Church began to fill with people of all ages. I turned to the back of the Church and left over a bridge.

There I saw a scruffy man outside the door, I noticed he was not going into the Church and he looked at me. I was embarrassed and turned and proceeded onto the street.

The man called after me, and said “Do you not know who I am?” I turned to him and saw it was Our Lord Jesus Christ, ran over to Him and hugged Him.

He invited me to join Him on a short walk. We left the Church grounds and walked towards a junk yard. At this moment I noticed He was very scruffy. He said to me “Come on, Tim!” and before I knew it He was over the fence playing in the rubbish of the junk yard.

Then as I looked to find a way in without ripping my clothes, He jumped over the fence again, and His clothes began to look like sheepskin clothes.

He then disappeared and I cried out loud, waking myself up.

Our Lord then consoled me by saying to me “Come on, Timothy, it’s time we went out for a walk.”

“You have not been outside in months,
It is time to lose the weight you have acquired under treatment and head outside for walks.
I will be with you all the way.
We will have so much fun together.”

Thanks be to God.