Diary of Wisdom and Love

This is what Our Lord told me today

Sale Moor, UK

“Timothy, you are with Me.
Listen to every word I speak to you:”

“I love you with My whole heart.
How fortunate you are to hear My voice.
I will be with you forever,
nothing will separate you from My love for you.”

“When you were just 16 years old I spoke to you in a dream.
I have been carrying you through all of life’s problems.
Your troubles now are few.”

“Let this time be joyous.”

Dearest Love of mine. I love you with my whole heart! There is nothing more I can give to you than my life. You gave it to me and I must return it to you, for only you will keep it safe, only you will treasure it in your heart. When I am low and I think the world around me is not where I want to be, I think of Your Passion and all the pain you bore, which bought me my freedom from the slavery of sin. You came and redeemed me Lord, you answered my prayer with those simple words: “I Am.” How beautiful is your presence Lord, how beautiful is Your Holy Name. I adore You, Lord.

Let my life be full of joy. Let me shout from the rooftops of my love for You. Let me rejoice with everyone who shares a place at Your Feast.

For You, Lord, and only You Lord, are my God. My loving, peaceful, beautiful God.

“These are words I have given you to write, Timothy.
There are no other words than these.”


“Peace be with you, my dear dear son.”

Peace be with You too, Lord Jesus Christ.