Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then Our Lord spoke to me

Sale Moor, UK

“Timothy, write these words in your diary.”

“My dear son, you have seen how my plan completes with you not knowing and finally knowing.
Always have faith in the words I give you,
they are for you to live by day to day.
They bring you hope.
They bring you peace.
And finally my plan triumphs with my promises.
Be at peace and know what I have promised you before is a solemn covenant between you and I.
It will not be undone.”

“You need to raise this family for Me.
You want it, you’ve wanted it your whole life.
Do not be confused, you have a vocation to a holy life.
I will provide you with what you need when you need it.
My Word will prevail.”

Thank You, Jesus.
Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, I trust in You.
You are the King of my desires.

Alleluia! Alleluia! All glory and honour to You, my God, forever and ever! Alleluia!

“Timothy, you have said and done many things that others would consider foolish.
You are not a fool in My eyes.
Obey Me in all that you do.
It is right and just.”

I will obey You, my Lord and Redeemer.
Everything I have comes from You.
Save me Lord from my enemy’s snare.