Diary of Wisdom and Love

This is what Our Lord has given me in the last few months

Sale Moor, UK

In June, Jesus found me a job with which I have been working a probation period which is now complete. He has helped me with my work and has told me how to seek a promotion in the first month which I received with His help.

Jesus has kept me calm, has shown me how to have peace during my work and has settled me to sleep at night even when my mind is frantic with worries about work.

He has shown me the way to my wife, how to lose weight and when I should give up cigarettes.

He has set me on the way to total consecration to Him through Mary following the method of St Louis de Montfort. My consecration day is on the feast day of Mary of the Holy Rosary.

In Him I have received all these gifts, without Him I have received nothing.

“Timothy, My dear son of Mine:
I give to you these gifts to show you the way to Me.
You will find your wife in time.
You will be free of the mental health system and their CTO in due course.
You will receive help from My Church when this outbreak is over.
Have peace my dear son,
your life is rich in My Holy Name.”

Thank You, Lord.

I could not have done what You have done for me without Your help.

My life is Yours, Lord.

Please feed my heart with Your Love.
Let Your Love shine out of my heart for all to see.

Never leave me alone Lord.
I need You in all that I do.

Thank You, Lord.

“My dear son,
I love you.
All of my love is with you.
There is not anything in this world that will separate you from My Love.
Have Peace and enjoy your life in My Name.”