Diary of Wisdom and Love

This is what Our Lord told me today

Sale Moor, UK

“Timothy, my loyal servant, write these words in your diary.”

“Timothy, I love you.
You have suffered so much in My Name.
You know you have no lasting harm from the witness you have given Me.
But you will live with this time forever.
Not anyone will be confused as to the torment you have been through.
It is unjustified that you should have suffered such harm at their hands.
It is unjust.
I have come to save you this day.”

“Offer it to Me.
Offer all of your suffering to Me.
Offer it to Me and be free.
Offer it to Me and Me alone and I will bring comfort to your poor soul.”

Lord, I offer you my suffering, so that I may receive Your promised hope of freedom in Your arms.

I want this rest Lord that You offer me.
I have been through enough, and I am weary.

Give me strength Lord to endure more in Your Holy Name.
Give me strength Lord and be my shield.
Be my armour and embattle my heart with the fire of Your Love.

And when I am done, take me to You Lord from where I will dwell forever more.
Show me the gates of Heaven Lord and give me rest in Your arms.
Show me Your angels standing there ready to welcome us into Your Heavenly Throne.

“Timothy, these are not your words.
In time you will come to realise what it is I’ve called you to.
To be My apostle in this day of Mine.”

Thank You Lord. Amen.

“I love you, my sweet dear son of Mine.”

“No one will ever separate you from My Love.
My fire rages in your heart.”

Thanks be to God.