Diary of Wisdom and Love

I am waiting, Lord

Sale Moor, UK

I am waiting, Lord.
I am waiting, Lord.
I am waiting for you to walk through my door.

To serve you a meal.
To wash your feet.
To adore your wounds.
To clothe you, shelter you, feed you, water you.

For you are my God, and I love you dearly.

Come, Lord Jesus, show me your children who stand in your place for me to serve with water, with food, with clothing, with shelter, with prayer.

Then come, Lord Jesus, make a home in my heart, so that your love may shine out for all your children to see.

Come, Lord Jesus, knock on my door, and I will greet you with gifts that you have prepared for your visit.

Then I saw a vision of Jesus entering my garden through the back door. I invited Him to sit with me, and He sat by my side.

Lord, show me your children.

“This is for you, Timothy.
Your time is now to find Me in your heart.
I am with you.”

“Blessed is your life in My Holy Name.
I am with you.
I am in you.
I know who you are.”

“You are Mine.”