Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then I saw a vision of Our Father holding the Lamb to His bosom

Sale Moor, UK

I was praying the prayers of His Sweet Heart and Divine Mercy as Our Lord had invited me to when He presented me with a vision of Our Father sitting on His throne.

In His arms lay a beautiful Lamb.

As I proceeded to pray the Our Father and Hail Mary I saw in this vision Our Humble Lady kneeling before Our Father in worship and prayer.

Then I saw a vision of St John the Apostle, and I knew it was him because Our Lord told me. Before him knelt a nun dressed in blue and white, with a halo around his head. Around him stood the Congregation of Saints, all with halos.

The nun looked up from her prayer and St John handed her a pen. She began writing in a book.

“This, my dear son, is a vision of your grand daughter.”

“She will be for me a holy woman who will write in her old age many things for My Church in Rome.”

“Find your wife soon.”

Thanks be to God.