Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then I saw a vision of Jesus holding me in His arms

Sale Moor, UK

As I was resting to sleep, Our Lord gave me a vision of Himself wearing sack cloth like a monk and holding me as a baby in His left arm.

In His right hand was a quill and He was writing in a book. There was a lantern on the table providing light to write by.

Then He told me that the book was the Book of Life, and He writes every story about me. He then showed me a whale and told me the story of Jonah, and told me that this story was written by Him too. He then showed me Moses on Mount Sinai carrying two stone tablets and told me that this was written by Him too in the Book of Life.

“Listen all who have ears:
I create Life and all who dwell on Earth obey My Will.
Listen to these, My servant’s writings.”

Then Our Lord blessed me with His Right Hand and laid a crucifix of oil on my forehead.

“This is My servant whom I have chosen.
Harden not your hearts to My Word.”

Thanks be to God.