Diary of Wisdom and Love

I love You, Jesus

Sale Moor, UK

My Lord I am with You.

I see the fruit You have given me bear in my life.

As I watch my life from where I was, I am so happy that you came and spoke to me.

“I am with you, Timothy.
I want you to follow the path I have laid before you.
Take this time to relax and lose the weight you have acquired under successive treatments.
It is a long path I have laid before you.
You will suffer no more.”

“When you were little, I spoke to you through my servants.
Now you are older I speak to you in your thoughts.
You have more in store for you in your life than one encounter with Me.
I have much planned for you.
Breathe easily and know you are in My arms.”

I feel relief from the news I have recently had, Lord, it is finally coming to an end.

“It will end one day.
You have my promise to that, my dear son Timothy.”

Thank you, Lord. When that day comes I will praise You all the days of my life. More rejoicing than even now in Your Holy Name.

“Be at peace.
The time is near.”