Diary of Wisdom and Love

I love You, Jesus

Sale Moor, UK

I love You, Jesus.

“I love you too, my dear son Timothy.”

“This period in your life,
where you have suffered so much,
it is over.
My fruit is bearing on the branches,
My Life, is given to you my dear sweet child, Timothy.”

Lord, I have been given such Peace from Your hands.
I have received everything You have promised me when I was released from hospital last year.
Please Lord, stay by my side.
Never leave me Lord, even while things in my life appear to be going well, I need You, Lord Jesus, by my side.

My precious Jesus, You died on the cross for me. You suffered so greatly and then made the ultimate sacrifice by dying on the cross. Never permit me to be separated from You again.

“You are with me, Timothy.
I will never ever leave you again.
In truth, I never left you.
I was always by your side.
And when you were at your lowest, I was shouldering your burdens and restoring you to new Life in Me.
Peace be with you, Timothy.”

Peace be with You, my Lord Jesus Christ.
I love you with my whole heart.
Please never leave my side.