Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then I saw a vision of myself being held in His arms

Sale Moor, UK

As I was resting to sleep I saw again His Light swirling in the darkness of my room. It is a more brilliant light I saw this evening, a vision Our Lord has given me every night for a year now.

Then I closed my eyes and I saw Jesus wearing sack cloth dressed like a monk and holding me as a baby in His arms.

Then He said to me:

“Be My child again, My dear son Timothy.
Do everything I tell you to do.
Adore me with your beautiful child-like eyes.”

“There is much more to do than you can possibly do in your lifetime.
Take this time to do one thing:
save for your future.
Your wife and children will need you to be prudent with money.
Save for your life with them.”

“I love you, My dear child Timothy.”

I love You too Jesus!