Diary of Wisdom and Love

Dear Jesus, please help me with temptation

Sale Moor, UK

When I desire what I do not have, please help me Lord.

Please take away the urge to spend money,
to covet what I cannot afford or need.

Teach me to spend thriftly,
to save for what is important in my life.

Please help me Lord, save for a car, save for a mortgage, save for my future family and save for a happy retirement.

I ask You, Lord, to fill my soul with the patience I need to save Lord.
To not be tempted by advertising,
To not be tempted by possessions I do not need.

If it is Your Will, Lord, please help me.


“Timothy, this is a long road you have started to venture.
Your soul is in my care,
your body is in my arms,
your mind rests in My Dwelling.
I will take away the urge to spend money,
if it returns just ask me for help once more.”

Thank You, Jesus, I adore You.
I cannot live my life without you taking care of me.