Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then I saw Mary, Mother of the Sweet Heart of Jesus

Sale Moor, UK

Our Lord said today there would be a surprise for me. This evening He asked me to pray to His Sweet Heart.

While praying the Hail Mary I saw a vision of a woman with amazing beauty. With long flowing brown hair and a blue hooded gown and a white veil. The veil had a blue whiteness to it.

Mary had a young face and was not tall. She was immaculately beautiful as she stood before me in my vision from Our Lord.

Then I saw her heart with a golden sword through it. The sword had pierced the heart from the top right to the bottom left.

Our Lady was draped in gold chains and she wore a crown of gold and red velvet.

Her Heart was draped in the same chains of golden pearls, with a ruby pendant I had seen before with the fire of the Holy Spirit glowing in its reflection.

Our Lord said to me:

“This is the Mother of My Sweet Heart.
See the pain she endures for Me.
Adore Mary, My Mother for the pain of child birth she went through to bear Me from Her Womb.
Mary is your Mother too.
How beautiful she is.”

Yes, she is Lord, I have never seen such beauty.
Thank You, Lord, for showing me Your Mother.
Thank You, Mary, for bringing Our Lord into the world.

Jesus, I adore You.
Mary, I love you.

Thanks be to God.