Diary of Wisdom and Love

I love You, Jesus

Sale Moor, UK

Jesus, my friend, my Life and Love,
I love You with my whole heart, however small it is.
I offer to You this day all my actions, my thoughts and my desires.

For You, Lord, You created me,
and I return my love for You to You,
so that You can nurture it,
tend to it,
fill my heart with even more love for You.

“Timothy, I love you.
You are my dearly beloved child whom I hold tenderly in My arms.
Be at peace today when you meet with the Jesuit Priest,
he will help you with what he can,
but do not be disheartened if he turns you away.”

Thank You, Jesus, I adore You.
Thank You, Mary, I love You.
Thank You, Jesus, my life is Yours.

“Timothy, your tribunal for the community treatment order is tomorrow.
Fear not, I am with you.
The outcome will not be in your favour,
but I am with you and will take you through this period in your life.”

I love You, Jesus, with my whole heart.
All I need is You.