Diary of Wisdom and Love

This is the journey I have taken

Sale Moor, UK

When I was released from hospital on the 11th June I was destitute, I was lost, I needed the help of God to restore me to Life in Him.

They had taken all that I was, they had taken my wealth, they had taken my peace, they had taken everything I hold true in my life.

But the Lord came to save me.

He gave me a series of jobs, doing what I love to do with my hands.

In Software Engineering I found peace creating applications for my employers. Our Lord helped me with my work, and found time during the day to have Peace from Him.

I prayed, and prayed, and prayed to be held in His Arms. To never be let go.

Our Lord took me by the hand and showed me the Way to Him.

Now, after 6 months, I have a fresh tribunal hearing next week, and I still struggle to find peace when reminded of the torment they are causing me in the mental health system.

It is one thing to have a diagnosis of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and anything else they care to throw at me. It is another thing when I know for certain this is untrue.

Our Lord has shown me that I must be just patient in dealing with them. He has shown me a new Way in which I can live my life and still deal with them on the sidelines of my life.

Our Lord has shown me they cannot hold me under the Community Treatment Order indefinitely, that one day I will be free of them and they will not touch me again.

It is a new Way that I have been shown to be humble and do everything in my life in secret. To be charitable, but not to boast of it. To be spiritual, but not to tell them what I am thinking or doing in prayer.

My Life is of God.

It is of God.

And nothing can I do to repay Our Lord, He just gives it to me and expects nothing in return.

All I have to offer is love. Love that has come from Him, and is returned to Him.

Peace be with you, each and every one of you, your family, your friends.

Peace be with You, Lord, My Saviour and special friend, Jesus Christ.

“Timothy, these things were never to last forever.
It is a sad reflection on today’s secular society that you are taken into the mental health system for hearing My Word in your thoughts.
You have seen that there are proponents of rational thought in the mental health community, but sadly this is not mainstream practice.
How can it be that I am speaking to you full phrases, and they do not see that it is intelligible conversation I am having with you, not just on a daily basis, but throughout your day.
How long can the world live without honouring Me?”

Lord, the world does not know You,
the world knows only greed and apathy.
The World needs You, Lord,
for what You have given the World is a great gift.

Constantly shouldering our burdens throughout all time and space.
Being there for us, just as You were with Your Son on His Cross, Almighty Father.

How much the World needs Your Sweet Heart on this very day.

“Timothy, My dearly beloved child whom I have raised.
You have found New Life in My Holy Name.
You have inherited Wisdom from My Dwelling.
You are with Me in every way,
one day My Church will see what it is that you have built in a rich store for them.
One day you will pray to Me beside My Foot,
and I will answer those prayers interceded for Me by you.
Fear not, your reward in Heaven is rich,
and your time on Earth is but a trial to unburden on Me.”

“Come to My Resting Place each day you need Me.
I am always by your side.”

I need You always, My Lord.

Blessed be the Lord God of Israel.
Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest!

Thanks be to God.