Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then I saw the Star of Bethlehem

Sale Moor, UK

I was asked to rest and Our Lord showed me a beautiful vision.

A single star appeared with light beaming down on the Earth.
I saw a lone Magi on a camel riding through the desert.
Then I saw three Magi giving gifts to Mary for the birth of Our Lord. I saw the manger in which Our Lord rested.

“Timothy, look how the kings of the east journeyed to see Me following a sign I had given them.
They believed in Me and let Me go free, ignoring herod’s plea to find Me and report as to My whereabouts.”

I then saw the infant Jesus being picked up in His Mother’s arms.
She displayed the child to the Magi and the shepherds who were there in the stable.

“Timothy, I am showing you My Birth.
This Christmastime spend time in prayer and pray to Me and to your Mother Mary.”

Thanks be to God.