Diary of Wisdom and Love

This is what Our Lord told me today

Sale Moor, UK

This is what Our Lord told me today:

“Be at Peace, My dear son Timothy.
I love you dearly.
Just ask for one more gift, Timothy.
Ask to be with your wife.
Ask Me to find her for you.
Ask Me to tend to her needs,
and ask Me to fill her heart with love for Me.”

Lord, let it be done according to Your Will.

“Ask Me to come to you in prayer today.
I have more to show you.
There is a Way I want to ask you to follow Me down.
There is a Way to Me which you must know of.
There is no more suffering for you,
only Peace and Love from Me.”

Thank You, Jesus.

I then proceeded to pray to His Sweet Heart and the 3 O’ Clock Prayer of Divine Mercy.