Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then Our Lord gave me The Eucharist in a vision

Sale Moor, UK

I was listening to songs of Medjugorje and Our Lord spoke to me saying holy things were happening there.

Our Lord gave me a vision of a young man with a hooded sweatshirt who looked dishevelled. They were waiting for the Eucharist.

Then I saw a beautiful monstrance and in it a very large Eucharistic Host, His Body.

Our Lord showed me this for a long time and the vision zoomed in on His Body.

Then light shone down on the monstrance from Heaven.

The Lord then said to me:

“This is My Body of the New and Everlasting Covenant. Take this Body and receive Everlasting Life.”

I took His Body on my tongue and said Amen.

Then Our Lord Jesus Christ presented me with a beautiful chalice. He said to me:

“This is the Cup of My Blood. It is shed for you and for all so that sins are forgiven. Take this Cup and drink from My Fountain of Life.”

I took the Cup and drank from it. I then said Amen.

Then appeared again the man from this vision. Our Lord told me to give him the Cup. I told the man nothing and he did not know what to do. He turned and left.

Then Our Lord asked me to try again.

I told the man “This is the Blood of Christ.” The man then proceeded to take the Cup and drink of it. He became like the face of Jesus.

Then Our Lord said to me:

“See that those in My Body are in Me and I in them.
All people need My Body and Blood to restore them to Life.”

Thanks be to God.