Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then I saw the staircase adorned with lilies

Sale Moor, UK

While praying I saw the dark staircase I had seen before with nuns and priests walking up it to Our Lord in Heaven.

Now it had been adorned with colourful flowers of many kinds. I saw five lilies from Our Lady in these flowers.

Then I saw a statue of Our Lady recessed into the wall as though like a grotto. She was dressed in blue with a white veil and wearing a golden crown.

She said to me she loves me, and I asked her to help my wife wherever she is. She said to me:

“I am with you, Timothy.
Fear not, your wife is safe and happy.
You will find her soon with my Son’s help.”

Thanks be to God.

Then Our Lord said to me:

“Your time of great suffering is over.
See the colour in your life,
for the fragrant smell of roses I have given to your Life in Me.
Never again will you be wanting of Peace in your heart.
My Peace I give to you.”

“Follow Me to My Throne in Heaven.”