Diary of Wisdom and Love

On the unborn child

Sale Moor, UK

This is a letter from Timothy, an Apostle of Jesus Christ.

This is a letter written in His Spirit.

Every word of this letter is what Our Lord has told me to write. Not any word have I not written.

This is the Word of God.

People of His Kingdom, know what is taught about the murder of unborn children.

From the moment of conception, a child is life.

It is sinful to murder an unborn child, at any stage of its life.

For women in distress, not knowing how to raise a child they do not want, be at peace and pray to Our Lord. Our Lord wants you to raise this child that has been given to you.

Seek courage from Our Lady, a virgin who did not know she would conceive a child. She answered the Call of Our Lord:

“Let it be done according to Your Word.”

Let it be done to you, the Lord has created life inside of you.

For those in positions of power, able to stop the murder of unborn children, you are culpable if you do nothing.

Teach your people to love and serve the Lord and all who are born into His Kingdom.

Baptise your children and teach them of Our Lord’s Word given to us through the Apostles and Saints of our nations.

It is wrong to murder an unborn child.

It is wrong, and it will cause you great torment in your life.

To those that have done this already, the Lord knows your suffering. Turn to Him in prayer and confession and ask forgiveness for what you have done to His Children. Our Lord loves you, He will take you to Him one day. Be free of the guilt of what you have suffered and know Our Lord is always by your side.

Bring us to You, Lord,
show us Your Way of Truth and Life.
Be near us, Lord,
and never leave our side.
Take us to You, Lord,
take us on the Way to Your Light.

This is the Word of God.

Blessed be the Lord God of Israel.

Thanks be to God.