Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then I heard from Mary, Queen of Heaven

Sale Moor, UK

Our Lord asked me to be at peace as I rested to sleep.

He told me He loved me and at His Word I saw Mary with a white as brilliant as the sun behind her veil. Her veil shone like the sun and light poured out of Her garments.

She had a crown on Her head which was barely visible with the light that radiated from Her.

She spoke to me and said:

“Timothy, just as I love my Son Jesus,
I love you and all who pray to me.
I love you, Timothy.
Anything you need, you will pray to me and I will intercede for you to My Son who loves you dearly.
There is time for you to heal from the tragedy of the mental health system.
I know your wife, I am taking care of her too.”

Thank you, Mary. I love you.

If there is anyone who can save me it is your Son.
If there is anyone who listens to my cry it is you, Mary and your dearly beloved Son.

Thanks be to God.