Diary of Wisdom and Love

My Lord, I love You

Sale Moor, UK

This is what Our Lord Jesus Christ told me today:

“You will need to be with more than you have.
I have given you money to buy the tools of your trade.
Have more from me.”

“There is a job for you, which you’re not sure if you still have.
Be at peace,
this job is still for you.”

“There is time now to do other things.
Do more to learn the skills of your work.
There is more to do than this:
go out and visit your dear brother Wayne.
He is suffering and needs a friend by his side.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, my life is for You.
I will take this time to see Wayne,
please help him Lord.

“Wayne needs my help.”

I love You, Lord.
I adore You, Lord.
I pray that You give Wayne and his wife all that they need.