Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then I saw Our Lady as I prayed

Sale Moor, UK

I was praying my daily prayers, prayers of His Sweet Heart and the 3 O’ Clock Prayer, when Our Lady appeared to me in a vision.

She wore a golden crown and her gown draped down to her feet.

She was standing on a golden sphere with a serpent underneath her foot.

In her arms lay the infant Jesus.

Jesus, please be with me as I struggle to find my way.
Mary, please be with me and love me as you always do.
Jesus, please bear for me all my sufferings and joys of this day.

I love You, Jesus.
I adore You, Jesus.
I love You, Jesus, please stay with me and never leave my side.

“I am with you, Timothy, my dear son.
This time is for you to regain your wealth.
The rosary beads of My Servant, St. Benedict, which are so dear to you
will be with you once again.
The tools that you work with are again with you.
You will save the money I give you for more and more.”

Thank You, Jesus, for staying by my side.