Diary of Wisdom and Love

I love You, Jesus

El Gastor, Spain

As I look back over all my life,
as I look forward to the future:
I find You there,
sheltering me,
feeding me with Your love,
showering me with gifts Heaven sent from above.

Give me Lord, one more gift from Your Bounty.
Grant me Lord the Peace from You,
to be with You,
to find You everyday.

Be Lord for me,
every Love,
every Life,
every meal,
every encounter with those I love.

I love You, Lord Jesus Christ.
You made me,
I need You to guide me.

“Timothy, you are My child.
I love you in every way.”

Dear Lord Jesus, whom I love with my whole heart,
whom I owe my life in every way,
be my friend and show me the Way to You.

“Your time is now, Timothy,
I am restoring you to Life in Me.
Those times that have passed are forgiven,
be in My Body and Love Me.”