Diary of Wisdom and Love

On material wealth and the plight of the poor

El Gastor, Spain

This is a letter from Timothy.

This is a letter written in His Spirit.

Every word written is what I have been given by Our Lord God to write. No word have I been given which has been omitted.

This is the Word of God.

Fight for your survival, you people of wealth.

Find what you need from your stock, from your stores.

There is no more you need than what you have built.

Those without anything need your surplus wealth to survive.

This is the Word of God:

“I am with My People who are in famine and suffering on the streets of your cities.
Give to them all that they need.
This is your time to know the Truth about Me.”

“I have given to you everything you have.
Believe in Me and give away what I have given you to give to them.”

This is the Word spoken by Him who is Holy.
Obey the call of the Lord God Almighty.
Listen to His Word and know it has been taught from the dawn of mankind.

Since Adam and Eve, Our Lord has taught us to give to the poor.
To never see a brother in need and not do something to help them.

Have you built a nest egg in order to free you from anxiety?
Turn to the Lord God and ask Him what it is you should do with your surplus wealth.

There is no more to do than give all of it away.
Give it to Wayne and his brothers and sisters who are in need.
Give it to Tracey and her brothers and sisters who have nothing.

There is more for those that do not give what they can.
They will suffer death, anxiety, famine and disaster in their lifetimes.
Those that have not yet suffered, will suffer on their way to Him.

This is what the Lord God says to those who hold more in their stores than they need:

“Give it all away.
Every last penny that you do not need,
give it to your brothers and sisters who are suffering at your hands.”

This is the Word of God.
This is the Word of Jesus Christ.
Give all you can spare away to the poor.

The Will of God is this.

Thanks be to God.