Diary of Wisdom and Love

His Sweet Heart is for us

Sale Moor, UK

Your Sweet Heart, my Life and my Light

In time we will go to Him. In time we will rejoice in being with Him. Search for His Life in your life, search for His Light everywhere in every place you go to.

His Life is in you.
His Light is in your heart.

Pray to Him and receive His Truth and Life in your heart.

Be near me right now, another night more.

When we go to Him, we are with Him.
When we find Him, we are with Him.

Ask for Him to be with you another night, another day, and rejoice in Him being with you.

Be near me now, Jesus, in Body and Spirit.

Jesus is with us not just in Spirit, but His real Body and Blood is with us every day in Communion with His Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Be near Jesus in the Eucharist.
Be near Jesus in Communion with His Church.
Be near Jesus receiving His Wisdom.
Be near Jesus receiving and listening to His Love.

Be with me, I ask You, to bring me to You.

We will be with God when we pray to Him.
Pray that He takes us to Him.
Pray that He takes us to His Great Light.

The Sweet Heart of Yours, is with me I pray.

God will give you His Sweet Heart whenever you pray to Him.

“These are the promises of My Sweet Heart.
Pray for Me to be with you,
to never leave your side.
Pray for Me to take you to Me,
to take you on the Way to My Great Light.”