Diary of Wisdom and Love

This is what happened in the last week


I left behind, with the Lord’s counsel, the job I attained in California. With it I left behind my dreams and ambition to travel to California and find my wife there.

I received letters from creditors demanding payment on loans I had taken out, store cards and credit cards. The plans I had made with them were not going to work and I sought guidance from the Lord Jesus Christ as to whether to file for bankruptcy.

I proceeded to file for bankruptcy.

I don’t know where my life is heading.
I need a Miracle from the Lord God to turn my life around.
I need to find a wife, someone somewhere to call my own woman and to offer my life to her.

Where will I find her, Lord?

“This is now you must leave the house.
Find someone nearby to give you friendship.”

“Everyone who receives a wife is receiving her from Me.
You too will receive a wife and many children I have promised you.
There is no more to do than live life.”

Thank You, Jesus, Your consolation is in my heart.
I cannot live without You, Lord Jesus Christ, I need you every step of the Way.

I went to see Father Stephen at St. Joseph’s parish for spiritual direction and he was very helpful. He offered to hand out the prayer cards of His Sweet Heart at the end of Mass for the First Sunday of Advent.

Thank You, Lord, for giving us Your Servant Father Stephen and for asking him to help me send these prayer cards to the Diocese.