Diary of Wisdom and Love

I love You, Lord

Sale Moor, UK

Every time I wake, I search for You.
Every time I sleep, I hear You in my thoughts.

I love You, Lord Jesus.
My life is for You, my God.

Every time I walk into the garden, I see the wondrous gifts You have given us.
Every time I hear someone say good day, I’m reminded of the gifts You have given us.

I love You, my Lord Jesus Christ.
I am for You, dear Lord above all.

Every time I see You, in the images on my wall, I’m reminded of my love for You.
Every time I hear You, in the words You give me every day, I’m told of how much You love me.

My dear Lord Jesus Christ, you are Glory above all.
I love You, dear Jesus, King of ours, Your majesty knows no bounds.

How much is Your love for us, how kind You are to Your People,
how loving are your arms for us, how beautiful is Your Heart.

My Lord, give us this day one more gift.
Give us the gift of Your Life.
Give us the gift of all that is beautiful.
Give us Your Bountiful Love.

How wondrous are the stars in the sky, how many to count there above,
how mighty are your works above all, how much care you gave every one.

I adore You, Lord Jesus, my life is for You.
My love for You knows no bounds.
How mortal I am, but You give me my life,
and to Heaven you bring us in time.

I love You, dear Jesus, I love You with all my heart.
I need You in my life.
I need You to take me in Your arms.
To embrace me with Your Love.