Diary of Wisdom and Love

This is what has happened in the last month


I have been given freedom by Our Lord Jesus Christ.
He has shown me the way to leave hospital without recourse from the doctors.
As He showed me it would be, it was four weeks I waited for them to release me.

Thank You, Lord, for granting me freedom.
Thank You, Jesus, for telling me what to do.
I love You, Lord Jesus Christ, please show me the way.

“I have shown you what you need to do to be free of the mental health system.
Do not tell them anymore of what I tell you.
I will grant you one more gift from My Bounty.
I have asked you to be at peace in My Kingdom.
I have shown you the way to be free.
Do not show them anymore of what I ask you to do.
You are free.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, I owe my life to You.
I love You, Lord Jesus, my life is of You.
I need You, Jesus, please show me more of what I am being given.

“I have given you this work to do that will take you to America.”

Thank You, Lord, I will work diligently to find my wife in the United States of America.