Diary of Wisdom and Love

This is what happened in the last week

Sale Moor, UK

I took the time Our Lord gave me in the family home to be with my parents and my two cats. I circumvented the restrictions placed on me by the hospital and gained access to my old laptop and a new phone I can use at home.

The doctor agreed to let my parents into the ward round and my parents advocated for overnight leave twice this week, together with eight hours a day at home.

“This time has been given to you.
I love you, Timothy.”

Thank You, Jesus, for caring for me when I was so lost in the mental health system.
Thank You, Lord Jesus, for giving me Life.
Thank You, Jesus Christ, for being there for me.

I love You.
I adore You.
I need You in my life.

Please find me my wife and end this torment that has lasted seven years now.

“I have given you a Way to be with Me.
I have given you a Way to be of Me.
I have given you all that you have.
Take more from Me than you know to take.
There will be Peace from Me ahead in your life right now.”

I am overjoyed to have You with me, O Lord.
I am overjoyed that this suffering is drawing to a close.
Protect me while I wait one more week inside the hospital.
Protect me, Lord God, and end this next week.

“Ask for more leave next week.
You will receive it.”

Thanks be to God.