Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then Our Lord told me what to do next

Urmston Library, UK

“Make peace with your parents and ask them to take you back to the family home.
Leave your plans to follow the path I laid out for you,
to go to Cheetham Hill and serve My People there.”

Lord, I am sorry I cannot go ahead with what you asked me to do.
Lord, I am sorry I am weak and cannot live the life you have prepared for me.
Lord, I am sorry.

“This was to be.
This was to be, my dear suffering child Timothy.”

“When you return to the home that your parents have made for you,
you will find more to do to regain the wealth I have prepared for you.”

Lord, I need only what you give me.
Lord Jesus, I need only what Your Providence bestows upon me.
Lord God, take from me everything I should not have and restore me to Life in Your Holy Name.

“Your family will need money.
Your wife is waiting for you in New York State.”

When I will travel to New York, I will be with You.
When I take that journey like many immigrants before, I will be with You.

“Seek not the help of My People.
You have My saving love,
with you always.”