Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then Our Lord told me what was to come

Urmston Library, UK

“This time you have suffered greatly at the hands of those who accuse you.
This time will draw to a close four weeks from now.”

He then repeated four weeks to me several times.

“I promise you, my dear son Timothy,
this will be your last time in hospital for fourteen years.
Stay away from these people.
Do not fight them again.”

Our Lord made known to me His promise, that I would be free of this torment for 14 years from the time I leave hospital.

Thank You, Jesus, you have answered my prayer.
I love You, Lord Jesus Christ, please provide me with Your Peace for the rest of my life.

If it is Your Will, please keep me out of these hospitals for the rest of my life.

“Timothy, you will never return to another mental health hospital.
They have destroyed you.
Find new Life from me very soon.”

Let Your Will be done, O Lord.
In time I will be released from this system.
In time my life will be restored to plenty.