Diary of Wisdom and Love

This was what Our Lord gave me today

Moorside Unit, Urmston, UK

I go to You, Our Lord, and everything is better.
I go to You, My God, and everything is happy.
I go to You, My Lord, and nothing is imperfect,
nothing is without hope,
nothing stands in my way.

I love You, Lord, everything comes from You.
I need You, Lord, I want nothing more than You.
What You give me, Lord, is everything I need.
I want You, Lord, and the precious gifts You give me.

I need Life from You, Lord, and the wondrous gifts You give me.
I want You, Our God, and everything You give me.
Live in me Lord, and radiate Your love from the heart you gave me.
Love from me Lord, and show your Truth in me.
Give me, O Lord, another day with You.
Give me, my God, one more gift from your bounty.

“My dear child, Timothy,
live with My Truth.
Live with My Life.
Live everyday another gift from Me to you.”

Thank You, Lord, I give my life to You.
Please find me, my perfect bride and give every life we make to You.