Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then Our Lord comforted me and told me what was to come

Moorside Unit, Urmston, UK

What is it I can do now, Lord?

“Bide your time.
There is more for you when you are free.
There is more to do with my child Wayne.
Together you will work for the people of Cheetham Hill.
Together My servants will serve Me.
In peace you will live for some time,
before you leave to New York to find your wife.”

Thank you Lord, how long will it be before I am free?

“You will wait a while where you are.
Take comfort in My care.
I love you, Timothy.
This will not go on forever.”

When will they understand they are tormenting me not healing me?
When will they stop their tirade of injustice and persecution against Your Holy Name?
Why won’t they stop?

“They will never know what it is to be with Me, for Me, of Me, to Me.”

Lord, all I need is You.