Diary of Wisdom and Love

On desire and want

Moorside Unit, Urmston, UK

I am an Apostle of Jesus Christ. My name is Timothy.

I write in His Spirit. Every word I write is from Our Lord. Not any word do I write which is not from Him.

Every word I am given to write is from Our Lord. Not any word I am given to write have I not written.

This is the Word of God.

Where does our desire come from?

It is Our Lord, the King of Our Desires who gives us want.

Want to do good.
Want to be happy.
Want to be comforted.
Want to serve Our Lord on this day.

It is God who gives us wants and desires.

Free yourself from sin and live in His Truth.
Live His Life He gives you.
Follow the wants He gives you, all the Way to Him.

Is there something unhappy in your heart right now? Are we taught not to be selfish, not to get what we want?

It is so.

Wants are for what we need.
Wants give us an abundance of what is good.
Share what you have which you do not need.
You want for this too.

Our Lord has given us a conscience.
Even if He had not imparted His Gospel, we would know to give.
We are people, children of God.
We are created in His Image, not Him.

We are evil, unholy, He is good, He is Holy.
We are children in a labyrinth of sin.

When we do good, we help others who are suffering. We are asked to give. This Charity heals us. It is known to be good to share.

Why can we not help others?
Because we are blind and without sight.

Why can we not hear the plight of those who suffer?
Because we are deaf and without ears.

When will we pray to Our Lord to heal our blindness, to cure our deafness, to heal our hearts of the sins which beget us?
Today pray for His Truth.

Bring us to You, Lord,
show us Your Way of Truth and Life.
Be near us, Lord,
and never leave our side.
Take us to You, Lord,
take us on the Way to Your Light.

This is the Word of Jesus of Nazareth:

“Be near me,
give all I give you to your brothers and sisters.
Give it to your family,
your children,
your husbands and wives,
your spouse.
Give it to the stranger on the street.
Give it to the poor woman praying at the back of Church.”

There was a woman who gave me a message from Our Lady in 2015.
She came to me and saw my suffering.
She gave me one prayer card from Our Lady telling me She loved me.

It was all I needed.
I had everything else.
But there was more.
I was journeying to Him.

Who was that woman in Holy Family Parish, Sale Moor?
She was a servant of Our Lord.
She gave what she had away from her stores.
She had want to give it.
It touched the heart of me and my dear F002.
It was a message from God.

Where are all those who received prayer cards from Our Lady of the Lilies?
We are all suffering.
We are all journeying to Him.

If we have nothing, we have an arm for a warm embrace with a stranger.
We have a voice to give one a prayer.
We have a few pound to give prayer cards away.
We have food, clothing and money for shelter from our stores.

Give it to Our Lord.
Give it to His children.

Journey to Him and find what is next.
Be at peace and know there is always more.

More suffering, more joy.
More Truth, more Life.

This is the Way of the Lord.
This is our lives.

Enjoy what we are given to want for, it is from God.

Do you want more in your life from the Lord Jesus Christ?
Take it, it is yours to eat this fruit.
It is teaching for you.
Do not break the law.
Do not suffer either.

If you want, you are allowed by God.
Know the vision of Saint Peter and the great table of Creation he saw.
It is time to eat from His Bounty.

This is the Day of the Lord God of Israel.
Eat and have plenty.
Rejoice and thank God for all you have.

Alleluia! Alleluia!
All glory to the Lord God who has set us free in our desires!
All glory to Our King, the King of Our Desires!
Alleluia! Alleluia!

Thanks be to God.