Diary of Wisdom and Love

On vagrancy and the plight of those in poverty

Moorside Unit, Urmston, UK

I am Timothy, an Apostle of Jesus Christ.

I write every word from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Not any word am I writing which does not come from Him. Every word I am writing comes from the Lord God.

Every word I am told to write I am writing. Not any word have I omitted which I have been told to write.

Did I beg for you to read this letter?
Did you open it and decided yourself you wanted to read it?
When did you want to do this?
Your want comes from God.
Your want to do everything good you’ve done today comes from Him.

What does a homeless man want?
Are they free to receive the food they are being given want to eat?
The shelter they are given want to sleep?
The clothes that take their shivers away?
The medication that frees them from pain?

What did we do to Wayne and his brothers and sisters on the streets?
Did we feed Him?
Did we clothe Him?
Shelter Him? Water Him?
Buy Him what He needed?

Where is it that society has helped Him?
Did you pay your taxes?
Then why is He still in need?

Is it that the social justice system is working?
Is it really?

Go to any city centre today and ask them one question: ‘what can I get for you to suffer less today?’

I am not worthy to write these words.
I am not worthy to untie the sandal of any one of these people.
They are suffering right now.
They are in need of His help.

Why is it gambling shops are in poverty stricken areas of the city?
Why is it pawn shops offer loans as well?
Why is it the benefits system offers an emergency loan system and does not discard the debt?
Why is it Wayne went to prison for asking for food for him and his wife?

This is wrong.
It is a global pandemic of greed, ignorance, apathy and hatred towards children of God.

Is their plight heard?
Is it that we are selfish?
Is it not really true?

It is true, in every way.

We have grown into a selfish, hating people.
We must change as a people.
We must change today.

Where is it written one cannot borrow money to help our brothers and sisters?
Do they have access to credit?
Pay their debts off today!
Pay their debts and stop spending money yourselves on renovating your own homes every few years.

It is obscene what we spend money on.
It is grotesque what we have done to Our Lord.
Why is it no one listens?

Clothe Him!
Feed Him!
Shelter Him!
Water Him!

People are hungry, and so are you.
People are thirsty, and so should you.
People are cold and without abode, and where are you?

You are at home, in your private rental apartment costing hundreds if not thousands per month. Most with a spare room or two.

Can you lock a door?
Can you store your food in a fridge?
Can you cook for yourself?
Do you have fresh water on tap?
And then do you have access to fast food through the internet?
Does it cost the same?

Really know what we’re doing.
We are bleeding money.
We are hemorrhaging our bank accounts.
We can do more for these people, so desperately in need of basic essentials.

Where is your basin and your clean clothes?
Did you bathe today?
What is it about the homeless that you don’t like?
Do they insult you?
Can you hug them?
They are people!
They need love!

Leave your senses behind you.

This is the Word of God.

Thanks be to God.