Diary of Wisdom and Love

On Salvation and the Gifts of Heaven

Moorside Unit, Urmston, UK

I am an Apostle of Jesus Christ. My name is Timothy.

I write the words given to me by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Every word I write is given to me by Our God. No words have I written which are not given to me by the Lord God to write.

Every word I have written is from Him.

This is the Word of God.

I speak today to the Roman Catholic faithful on Salvation and the Gifts Our Lord has given us of Ever Lasting Life, Heaven.

Love Our Saviour, take the Life we are given by Him. Ever Lasting Life is for all people.

Where do we go when our hour has come?
It is to God we are taken when our bodies have no more life in them.
It is the Gift of Eternal Life in His Body.

There are no more lessons to know than this:

“Have mercy on those less fortunate than yourselves, for they are also in My Body.”

These are the words of Jesus Christ, given to us through His Apostle Saint Paul in his letter to the Hebrews.

It is on this day His Resurrection was known to us. It is on this day that the living and the dead are reunited in the Glory of Heaven.

Where is Our want to go to Him right now?
Do not be deceived, you will want when the hour is near.
You will want because the Life given to you is almost done.
You will want because Our Lord makes it so.

When will we want to go to Him?
Are you wanting Life with your family and with Our Lord too?
You are called to greatness.
You are called to minister to the dying and the sick, to the disenfranchised, the abused, the Godless and those desperately in need of His help.
Our Lord is with you.

My dear children, it is known not one of you will be called to any other way of life. Be at peace. Your time will come.

The Ever Lasting flame of The Holy Spirit is within you:

“Your candle burns bright.
Your flame will never go out.”

This is the Word of the Lord God Yahweh. It is Him who takes you to Him. He is taking you to His Great Light.

What is it about Our Lord you are scared of? Do you know what He has done for you?
What life have you lived?
What time have you had?
Whatever you have done, ask Him today to heal you of everything in your life.
Ask Him to forgive your sins and be near you right now.

This is His Day.
This is your time to give everything you have to Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Entrust everything you have to Him.
Ask Him to give you everything you need.
Wait to receive everything you want.
If it is not with you, it is not yet time.

Persevere in your lives and ask Our Lord for strength, for patience, for the want to be with Him.

Do not be foolish and ask for riches, you need them not.
Riches are to give away.
Riches are for Charity.
Riches in Heaven search for instead.

Are your children cared for?
Ask for them to have what they need.

Are your parents helped in their old age?
Do not abandon them.

Is your spouse happy?
Give to them all they want.

These are the words of Our Saviour Jesus Christ:

“Be with Me now.
Ask Me for My Sweet Heart.
Ask for Me to be with you,
to never leave your side.
Ask for Me to take you to Me,
to take you to My Great Light.”

This is the Revelation of His Sweet Heart.
He is with us right now.

O Jesus, Your Most Beloved Sweet Heart is for us to be with you, how could we want any other Way of Life?

Jesus Christ, we adore You!
Jesus Christ, we love You!
Jesus Christ, be with us right now.

This is the Word of the Lord God of Israel.

Thanks be to God.