Diary of Wisdom and Love

The vision of my wedding

Moorside Unit, Urmston, UK

I received a vision this night of our wedding day.

I knew of the death of my dear Parish Priest, Fr David Peters.

It is to come, one day, that my priest, will depart, and I will marry, my wife.

The vision was of a Crucifix, that all people would venerate by kissing His Right Foot.

This was followed by the wedding ceremony.

All people who received the Eucharist, were made to kiss His Right Foot.

My wife was standing to the right, on the altar.
She wore a beautiful gown,
from her shoulders,
to her feet.

It had no trail,
she had no veil,
and she had a bump,
with my first daughter living inside her womb.

The dress was beautiful on her,
and had the kind of wild pearls,
in its pleats.

It was simple,
and beautiful.

I saw a necklace,
around her neck,
of pearls and diamonds,
interleaved together.

The necklace came down to her chest,
with a heart pendant,
and an onyx stone beneath,
both separated from the necklace,
by a chain.

The gown was holy,
and white.

The gown was life,
wild pearls were featured on her gown.

The gown was beautiful,
with life inside her.

And we appeared to break the dogma of the Church.

I understood this vision,
was to be with a woman I would love.

I understood this time,
was to be one day.

I understood she would be beautiful,
and adorned with a crown of pink roses,
with no thorns,
and braided into her beautiful hair.

She was blonde,
but it was not true blonde,
but a kind of highlighted hair,
of the kind that was not blonde.

I have received this vision in the night.
And it is everything I want.

My Lord, please accept my Life,
in return for my beautiful princess bride,
my wife,
whom you have Promised me.

Then I saw me placing a wedding ring, holding her left hand, on to her wedding finger, and I saw Mary's hands in hers.

And I saw me wearing a jacket and trousers, simple clothes, which were smart, but simple.

I saw her placing a wedding ring on my left hand.

And I saw my hands become like those of Jesus.

I saw us kiss,
and we were taken away,
to Life.