Diary of Wisdom and Love

One God forever and ever


This is Our Lord’s time.
It is His Day.

Did you ever see Him rise?
Did you enter the tomb and cry with Joy?
Did you enter His Life?
Did you walk through that eye,
of that needle so small?

Is there a little Way to walk now?
Is there a true Life to live now?
Is there suffering to bear in this time.

There is more to see past these days of hurt and pain and suffering you’ll see.

Take one more time to find.
Take another Cup of His Wine.

Life is for you.
Birth is for you.
Rise from the dead,
and see new Life right now.

Give this Man of God a new name.
Give Him the name of Jesus Christ,
Our Saviour He became.
God He was born.
God He went.
God He lives.
Jesus of Nazareth He lived.

Where do we go to find Our Home?
Where do we find Him in our homes?
Why do we all leave our lives behind.
Take a new step and marry Our Lord this time.

Be His bride.
Take His hand,
find new Life.

Is it written in the Revelation of John?
End of the world? No!
A new beginning He made for all of us.

Free your minds from sin.
Free your minds from suffering within.
Take your TV and throw away the remote.
Take your Radio and put it on Vatican 1.

Take a new time to find,
the Lord within your hearts and minds.

Take a new Way to Heaven.
Take a little Life along the Way.

Be at peace.
Know we are,
suffering here in exile as well.

And, when you find,
a life little hard,
pray to God and feel His Heart in your soul.

Did you ever see Our Lord rise from the dead?
No, and blessed you are instead.

Did you ever learn about a camel?
Not from God, or was it His Holy Bible? It was both.

Did you know all His Saints are with Him?
Did you know He is their God too?

Did you know His Roman Catholic Church is from Him?
Did you know He talks to every one of them?

Drink His Wine. Not water.
Eat His Body and drink His Blood this day.
Take His Cup and follow His Cross.
Find Life in His Birth.

His Living Heart is for you.
His Sweet Heart bears It too.
His Divine Heart is His Mercy now.
His Sacred Heart gives Life to all too.
His Heart is Him as well.
His Life and Truth,
Mercy and Love are all Sacred too.

Give back what cromwell took.
Calvinists and lutherans too.
Henry the king and his queens,
suffering in exile they were to their gruesome death.
John smith that little liar he was.
And yes even an arabic man too.

There are truths the Church needs to find soon.
An apostle is made, and yes a family of them too.

In Jesus Christ,
I do solemlny swear,
never to lie about The Holy Spirit
speaking within me,
to me,
from me.

I never lied about God.
I lied about stealing a penny sweet when I was 9.
I lied about buying some chips.
And I lie when I need to protect what is true.

God does not want me to speak untruths.
But know this, He even made me want to be Pope.
That was never written in my medical files,
but that paper I ate in ’17
said just that,
and it really wound Mum up.

Pope Francis I am sorry for what I wrote, that no one saw.
A little teaching Our Lord gave me.
To basically teach myself what is true too.
To listen to every gift He gives us,
and not just His Spoken Word too.

Wants called desire called free will.
That is the gift He gives to all.
Wants come from God, yes that’s right.
The King of Our Desires,
He revealed to me.

But Saints all knew this too.
It’s even written by St Thomas More too.
And then I learnt about a dance,
in Kensington I walked and saw all the Saints in a festival.

This was Heaven,
a vision for me,
as I took that lonely walk,
through Kensington again.

Our Lord is with all the Saints.
And with every Saint to be.
He takes them through their lives.
Calls them and makes out how sinful their times were behind.
This is Saul of Tarsus,
a great man compared to me.
But what is that I say about Herod?
Why not?
I beheaded St John the Baptist too.

We all sin.
Sin is equal.
Stop judging and live a good life.
The Life He gives us.

Is it blasphemous to make people giggle?
Isn’t it blasphemous to deny The Holy Spirit speaks to His faithful?

God is Our Friend.
God is Our Lord.
God is Suffering right now in His Heart.

Join in Communion in His Church.
Read His Gospel and James the Just, His cousin, yes I am His brother too.

Read about Ishmael and His line.
And yes, the brown kaaba stone from our solar system too.

Read what you want when you want to.
And if you don’t then know you want to do something else too.

There’s a reason atheists are crying.
They need to confess a little crime against God.
They need to say one thing, maybe it is true.
But when they receive gifts they think untruths.

That’s called greedy,
Selfless Acts of Mercy Our Lord did for you.

Our Lord rose from the dead.
Can you do this.
Yes not even a question.

Our Lord rose from the dead.
Did you see this.
Yes not even possible, two millenia ago either.

No one saw Him rise.
No one but Mary saw Him inside.
No one but the Apostles saw Him again.
No one but the Saints hear from Him now.

This is your time to know.
Timothy, tell the world a little goad.
I even thought from Our Lord,
I even told everyone to say untruths.
I thought because I was told,
The Holy Spirit tells everyone what is true.

But this is not true, how can it be,
was it Pope I was told I’d become?
And what happened that day?
Yes I went off to Moorside one more time.
A little teaching for old England,
you’re sinful beyond belief.

Off you go now, guess the password,
it’s called a dossier of numbers.
007 is of course Our Lord.
And so is its subtraction 092.

The Trinity is what I was told.
But then this is another sin of the west.

Who is Our Lord?
Our Lord is God.
Our Lord is Our Mother, and the Mother of the Mother of God too.
Our Saviour.
Our Redeemer.
Christ the King.
Mary’s Son, and yes She’s the Mother of God.
She’s the Mother of Jesus of Nazareth.
She is Virgin still in Heaven.
James the Just, a cousin of hers.
But in Revelations you’ll see we’re all brothers of Our Lord.

A family tree isn’t really needed.
God Our Lord is above all.
Assumed to Heaven she was.
Ascended to Heaven Our Lord did.
Came down from Heaven He did.
In both places at once, He was.

He is the Father.
He is the Son.
He is the Ghost Writer of this album.

Thanks be to God.
Eastertide story this was.