Diary of Wisdom and Love

His Crucifix


“This is My Word.
This is My Word.
I am Your Lord Jesus Christ.”

“This is the seventh lesson from My Revelation of Truth and Life.”

“It is now.
It is time.
I died for you.”

“I live for you.”

“I rose for you.”

“I give you everything from My Life.
I give you this perfect Life.”

“I am for you.
I am with you.
I am Truth and Life.”

“This is your time to be.
This is My Wine.
This is My Body and Blood.”

“This is My Life.
Given up for you.”

“This is My Cross.
Hold your Crucifix too.”

“Be My disciple.
Be My child.
Be My apostles.
Be My children of Mine.”

“This is your time to go to Me.
Where did I give you, My Perfect Life?”

“Where did I seal my death with a kiss from Me?”

“When did I call My Saints and journey them to Me.”

“When did I ask for you to be My servants too.”

Did you hear these words from Our Lord Jesus Christ?
What about Yahweh, or even some prose from a man named Mohammed too.

“Did you listen to what I said?
Did you answer My Call?
Did you ever want to go to Me?
In your lifetimes too…”

“Did you want to see something new,
in the last millenium?”

“Answer My Call.
Answer My Call this day.
Answer My Call and speak one word:
‘please Lord, take me to You.'”

“This is the Revelation of Truth and Divine Life.
This is a new thing springing up out of My Water and Life.”

“Answer this story now.
Answer and feel My Truth.
Feel with forgiveness and listen again to Truth.”

“Answer My Call today.
Answer My Call right now.
Listen to My Message of Life,
written down in My Word.”

“Answer My Call and accept My Life.
Answer My Call today.
Answer with a raised cheek for Me,
wait for My kiss of Life.”

“This is the Way of Truth and Life.
This is the Way to Me.
This is the Way of My Divine Life,
answer My Call today.”

God is with us.
God is for us.
God is taking us,
to His place and House.

Jesus is Our Lord and God.
Thank Him for all He does.
Ask Him to take you to Him,
to take you to His great Light.