Diary of Wisdom and Love

This is Life


I am One who gives a woman her birth.
I am One who gives a man his seed.

In 9 months I bear My fruit in the woman’s womb.
In 10 months you see Life in the birth of My child.
In 2 years my daughter to be is with Me.
In 5 months live another life, be with me.
In our lives together we are one in He.
In our time on Earth give everything to She.

Everyone know to read every word, every letter, every syllable, every pause.
And even ticks now gone,
and yes even the intonation of My Word.

Everyone see the meaning of I,
see the meaning of me,
and know who He really is:

“I Am.”

“I Am.”

This is our time to know, more than any other way.
Be Our Life.
Be Our Friend.
Be My Wife.
Be My Life.

Give her everything I give to you.

Give me everything I need for her.

she will be with Me.
She will be her Mother.

She is My Mother too.
Everytime you say to me,
give me one more time with my wife.

Give Her My daughter,
raise her and nurture her.

Ask her to marry Me.
Ask her to abide in Me.
Ask her to find My Truth,
and My Life inside of you.

Give to her all that is Mine.
Give to her all of My Wine.
Ask her for one more time to be with Me.

Paradise is Mine to give,
Mine to give,
My perfect kiss.

Heaven is Mine to keep,
Mine to say hello to your wife,
one more time.

Deliver us Jesus from the slavery of birth.
Deliver us Lord Jesus and give this woman my birth.
Ask her to change her heart, on the Way to You, Lord God.
Ask her to find Your Truth buried deep in that heart you gave her.

Find Our Lord, marry me.
Find Our Lord, give to me,
all that you find in Me and She and He and we.
And then it will be.

Give to Our Lady a pure smile to every man.
Give to Our Lord your life and precious gift you receive.
Give to me all that you can,
all that you want,
all I Am.

End a life you thought you had,
but never wanted only to find one more thing:
Life from Him instead.

Find Me in Paradise,
find me here.

Find me Lord Jesus and marry me.

Find me and make my life complete,
with you.

Find me and take my wife home again,
to New York City and State too.

Little daughter inside my womb,
give me that sugared spoon,
give me happiness and joy again,
I lost before.

I want again.

My want resides in birth, my wife,
your birth of you and Your daughter My wife.

Give to Me everything you have.
Give to Me everything I give you want for.
Offer Me every life I give you.
Offer Me every Wine you drink from.

Give to Me, Mine own daughter, and three.
Give to Me, My daughters father, My son, your baby boy.
Give to my little boy all You Are, all You bring.
Give to my little darling daughters, all they need, to be Your children.
Give to my darling wife everything I have.

Jesus, King of Life, I am besotted with you.
Jesus, Empire of Life, I am your citizen,
in Your Heart I am with you.
Jesus, Crusade of Wine, I am your child, I am your son,
I am the Life you have, give she.
Jesus, Christ Our King, my life is Yours, please keep her safe.

A locked room You showed me,
keep her safe,
keep the key.

Keep her happy while she goes to You,
keep her loved,
keep her well.

Keep her with Your Truth and Life,
preserve her,
for Me.

Keep her with all My Heart,
live her life,
live yours too.

Find My Truth in every Way,
I give to you.
I show you.

Find My Wisdom in every mouth,
I speak to you,
I say in Truth.

Find My Life.
Find My Truth.
Find my wife.

Find My wife.
Find my bride.
Make her mine.

Please heal me,
and give me Life from Our Lord Jesus Christ.