Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then I saw another vision of Our Lord’s Sacred Hands

Moorside Unit, Urmston, UK

Our Lord laid me to rest and as He was healing me from this flu, He showed me His right hand and on top of His palm there was a house and behind it mountains stretching off into the horizon. There was a sun brightly shining above some clouds. There was no rain and His left hand sprinkled some dust from the Earth and there was rain pouring from the clouds.

Our Lord is Our God.

He gives us everything.
He creates us every moment of every day.

He moved the sun through the day to the west. He moved it with His Left Hand.

Every particle of every atom of every molecule of every object is given to us by Our God.

God provides force.
He provides momentum.
He binds everything together and we cannot even fathom our own existence.

He provides Life, Love, Being, Happiness, Joy, Anxiety, and Peace.

He provides Forgiveness, Salvation and Ever Lasting Life.

Thanks be to God.