Diary of Wisdom and Love

On the meaning of suffering


This is a letter from an Apostle of Jesus Christ, Timothy.

Every word which is written is from Our Lord Jesus Christ. Not any word which is written has not come from Him.

Every word I have been given I have written, not any words have I not written.

This is the Word of Jesus Christ.

Where do we go?
Where do we leave behind our bodies, our wives, our husbands, our family?
Where do we leave all we have behind us?

Suffering is from God.
Suffering is joyous in Him.
Suffering is for Glory, for God.
Suffering is the Way of Truth.

Have we understood the meaning of His Crucifixion?
Have we known what it is to be His Martyr?

Did we do this to Our Lord?

Who drove that spear into the Heart of Jesus Christ?

We did. All of us. Not one of us is free from guilt.

We must atone our sins before the Lord God.
Every time we sin, we drive those nails into His Hands and Feet.
Every time we think wrong, He hears us.
He sees us.
We sin against Our God.

What is the meaning of our suffering here in exile on Earth?
Why did Our Lord exile us from His Garden filled with The Holy Spirit?

We are sinful, beyond what we can reconcile with The Holy One, The Lord God of Israel, The Lord God where we go to.
Learn to be with Him here in exile.

What is it we learn here? Do we share and preach His Gospel?
Do we love all of His Children?
Do we live a life filled with Love?

When did we falter?
When did we fall?
Have we helped Our Lord carry His Cross to Golgotha?

Be one with Our Lord.

Be one with all the Saints of Heaven.

Be one with Mother Mary and be born in Her Womb.

Ask yourself one question: did He tell you before?

Where is it written?
In The Holy Bible.

This is His Word:

“Ask yourself to take you to Me.
Speak to Me in your thoughts.
Ask Me to help you.
Be with Me one day.
Be My Children.”

These are His words. These are the words of Jesus of Rome.

Pray for His Truth.
Pray for Truth in your Life.
Pray for Truth in your Knowledge.
Ask Him to give you Wisdom.

Listen to the Message of His Holy Catholic Church.
Listen and know this: His Holy Catholic Church bears His Truth.

Saints, Apostles, Popes, Bishops, Cardinals, Priests all receive His Word.

Give to Our Lord one more gift, thank Him for taking you to Him.

This is the Word of God.

Everyone who hears, listen.
Everyone who is with sight, see His Truth.

This is the Word of Jesus Christ.

Thanks be to God.