Diary of Wisdom and Love

This is Truth

Moorside Unit, Urmston, UK

I am man.
I am me.
I am he, who steps on this snare and dies.
I am one man, out of 100 billion souls.
I have One Lord, Our God.

“I am a Jew.
I am a Muslim.
I am a Christian, disciple and a slave.
I am with Me, in Me, from Me, to Me.
I am everyone who suffers.
I am He.”

Where did I go?
What do I say?
There it is.
I am no one at all.
Bury me in the mud.
Take my fools blood.
Delete me from the record of history.

“I created you.
I destroyed you.
You go on, destroying me.
I am in you.”

I am of you.

“I am for you, with you, and I created you.”

“Where did I go to give you Life?
Where did I go to give you Hope?”

“Did you see Me?
Did you pray to Me?
Did you kiss My cheek and seal My death with Love?”

“Did you slaughter Me?
Did you kill Me?
Did you ask for Me to take you to Me?”

“Have I loved you?
Have I been for you?
Have I given you everything you have?”

“Did I give you a place to kiss Me?
Did I give you a Way to Me?
Did I tell you a love story once more?”

“I am He who takes you to Me.”

“Give to Me you, and I give you My Life.
Give to Me all that you have.
Give to Me My Suffering and My Joy for you.”

“Where did I go in your world?”

“Was it Mine? Or did I lose you before you died?”

“Where did I go, when you moved to the lands that are tormented by storms for the rains in pleasant lands?”

“Where did I go when you all killed each other?”

“Where did I go when you decided to slaughter one another?”

“Give to Me My World, once again.”

“Love Me, Love your neighbour.
Love Me, Love your sons and daughters.
Love Me, breathe My Word in your hearts.”

“Sons of Adam.
Daughters of Eve.
I created you.”

“You are Mine.”

“You are Mine.”

“You are Mine.”

“My Life is for you.
My Way is for you.
My World is for you.”

“Paradise awaits.”