Diary of Wisdom and Love

The vision I received of the suffering children of the world

Moorside Unit, Urmston, UK

I was resting to sleep with music playing which Our Lord gave me.

I saw the nursing staff of the hospital. I was told to give each of them a second chance to be nice people, to wait for them to be nice people.

Some of them like the nurse sat next to me now have been rational and calm, but there are others who simply refuse to listen to His Gospel.

I was then knowing to turn over and look at what Our Lord showed me.

He showed me a young teenager, with a beautiful complexion. She was Asian I think, possibly South East Asian. She had beautiful lips and a nose, and I saw an open wound on the right side of her cheek. She was bleeding recently. I saw her crying. She was suffering at the hands of those who abused her.

I was told of this Mission I have been given to help those who care for people in need.

I was told of the orphanage of Our Lady of the Lilies in the USA.

I was told of those children suffering around the world because their parents had left them, or gone to Him, and then the immigration policies of our nations.

I was told of the way care staff treat patients because they want to earn. Instead of following a vocation and being brothers and sisters to these people. Christian people, hear this, you need to take these children in. They have suffered enough, before they’re even 10.

Give them a home.
Give them comfort.
Give them wealth.
Give them the life they were never going to have themselves.

Thanks be to God for showing me this.
Thank You, Lord, for helping all Your children.
Jesus, please, Lord, show us Your Way of Life.

I love You, Lord Jesus.
I adore You, Our Lord.
Please take us to You, and free us from our suffering here in exile.

I then saw a glow of light shining in front of my eyes.

I watched it circling into my chest, and watched it growing again.

Our Lord said He was healing me, and healing I feel when I write.

The kind nurse who sits with me, has helped me so much tonight.

Thank You, Lord, for Your Love in his heart.
Jesus, please bless this man, for all he has done tonight for me.