Diary of Wisdom and Love

On love and His Life


This is a letter from an Apostle of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Timothy.

I am writing words from Our Lord and Saviour, Giver of Life, Jesus of Rome.

Every word I write is from Him. Not any words am I writing are not from Our Lord.

Jesus is with me.

He has given me every word to write.

Love your neighbour.
Love your friends.
Love your wife, love your husband.
Love your parents.
Love the stranger knocking on your door.

Love with His Love.
Live with His Life.

The Lord God is Calling you.
The Lord God of Jerusalem is needing you to give everything you have to those who are suffering and in need of His Life.

Give everything you have to the poor.
Give everything you do not need to those who need it.
Your stores are plentiful, you have kept in reserve so much that is wasted.

Give today all that you have.
Give from Jesus all that He gives you to give to those who are suffering.

These are the words of Jesus Our Lord:

“Everything I give to you,
everything I entrust to your family,
is the food for those around you,
are the clothes for those who are cold,
is the money for housing My children,
suffering in agony on the streets of your city.”

This is the Word of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Listen to His Message of Truth.

Everyone listen to what Our Lord has spoken.
Everyone hear who can listen.

Find Him in your hearts.
Give all you can to His Mission.

Read His Gospel and see one thing:
give to one another as you would want to be given to you.

Live His Truth.
Live with His Life in your hearts.

This is our time to serve Our Lord and Saviour, Our Redeemer, Christ the King.

Give Him everything you do not need.

This is His Word.
This is His Gospel.
This is Our Lord’s Message of Truth in our day.

Thanks be to God.