Diary of Wisdom and Love

The vision of nations

Moorside Unit, Urmston, UK

This is the vision I received for all of today’s people.

I fell asleep and Our Lord showed me a lavish shopping mall with many interleaving escalators and floors. Glass and brass painted bannisters were everywhere with fake marble flooring.

I was travelling on an escalator with Our Lord Jesus Christ in front of me.

I got to the top and he disappeared to my right.

He appeared to my left on another escalator with no exit to where I was.

There were bright shops everywhere, just like our large shopping malls.

He flew over the barriers and came down by my side.

He showed me he had the keys to every door and every window. He will find us anywhere and take anyone of us to Him.

I was searching for His Way of Truth and Life. I was distressed and needing to leave.

He showed me the way out and more in this vision became.

I was then shown images, moving images from World War I. I was seeing a cannon firing in black and white, it was distorted like a 50s television reception.

I saw a young soldier standing in salute behind the cannon. He wore a grey suit with cropped grey smart trousers and high white socks, he had poor shoes which had been worn with his work, a white shirt and a thick black tie is what he wore. He had a black beret cap and underneath this was short greasy black hair, the beret was taller than a soldiers. He seemed to be a miner, a worker for a steam train or perhaps a slave of his nation. He was native European. Possibly even Eastern European. But I have known this man in my history text books from the industrial revolution.

The cannon fired and the soldier turned to black.

The cannon remained with only smoke to show of his life.

Then I heard Our Lord’s wrath on all people of this world.

He told me these words:

“This is My World.
This is My Kingdom.
Woe to you destroyers, you have been destroyed.”

This is a Calling from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

End your nations borders this day.

Thanks be to God.