Diary of Wisdom and Love

The revelation from Our Dear Lord Jesus for us today


I was asked to see Him and our welcome into Heaven, and I believed it was true all the time.

I saw Our Lord Jesus Christ standing under the Tree of Life and Knowledge and the ground looked like the Garden of Eden. There were sycamore trees and acorns on the ground. I looked at Our Lord and He was beautiful. He wore a white gown and a gold belt and He had priestly garments.

I saw to the right all the Angels and Saints applauding and looking on happy.

I saw my wife and I standing before Jesus and He had His hands outstretched to welcome us.

Jesus embraced my wife first and she sat on a table of fine wine and food.

I was next to greet Our Lord and I left a little Way behind me.

I rested at the right foot of Our Lord Jesus Christ and looked on at those who were still on Earth.

I rested my head on top of His Wound on His Right Foot, and I adored the nail in His Foot.

The nail was in His Right Foot and not His Left Foot and I saw blood from His Wound with the nail into the soil.

The Garden was full of Life.

The next vision I received in July 2017 of a wife that looked like the lady my great-grandson was awarding when he is 74. She was in this vision sat at a table alone and without her husband.

There was a beautiful house looking onto a garden and she was sat underneath a roof trellis with flowers. She was drinking tea without milk and looked quite sad, but I am with her.

Please, Lord Jesus, make this so.
Please, Lord Jesus, take me to You.
Please, Our Lord, give my wife to my children, give them life knowing their mother.

My wife to be, please rest when I die, and don’t leave our children behind.

I saw a new vision of His Living Heart, the two rings were held by Our Lord. The baby in the cradle was Our Lord Jesus Christ and I saw a wedding gate full of life. My wife was standing radiant in her beauty with a garland of white and purple flowers. All the colours of the rainbow were in the garland.

Behind the gate was a beautiful light of white and blue in a swirling pattern.

I saw her standing in a beautiful pleated white dress from her neck down to the floor. The pleats had the kind of beautiful wild pearls and the belt around her waist was the same.

She had white pearls and diamonds and an onyx stone around her neck with a diamond heart in a pendant.

Her face was beautiful and I could not look away at her beauty standing at the gate.

She was greeted by Our Lord and I saw my hand on hers, Our Lord was in me and I saw only my hands. I took her hand and placed a gold ring on her left hand.

I saw Mary’s hands in her and she held my hand as I placed the ring on her.