Diary of Wisdom and Love

On the calling of Jesus Christ for the Roman Catholic Communion

Moorside Unit, Urmston, UK

I am Timothy, I have been given this to say to Our Lord’s Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.

I have been given this to write by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I have written this in His Spirit. I have written every word I have been given by Our Lord. I have not omitted any word received by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Every word in this letter is from God.

This is teaching for His Holy Catholic Church.

Clothe Him. Feed Him. Shelter Him.

When Our Lord knocks on your door and asks you for help, you do it.

When I ask for hospitality in Rome, it is offered by the Church.

When I ask for hospitality and safety in the Vatican it is be given by Our Lord.

When I ask for hope, salvation and prayer, know this has been given.

There is something given by all Christian People, the hope and love of Our Lord.

Give generously all that you can, give to those who need more.

House, feed and clothe those who need, when you have more you must give.

There is a stockpile of possessions we keep, send them away to the poor.

When we throw out our gifts we’ve received through Him, it is a sin and is needing to stop.

Food is spent if it is on our plate. Take only from the table what you need.

Clothes are gone when they have holes in, send them for recycling.

Buy new possessions and give them to the poor. Give them all that you can.

Holding money in our accounts for one day is a sin and it is the parable of His Servants. That man who buried all under the sand had not a very good welcome.

Both who tried, whether made little or made a profit, they were given more than they ever needed.

Do not leave earth with a last will giving all to people who don’t really need it.

Leave to Our Lord everything you have, leave it with people who will give it away.

This is Our Teaching, this is His Truth, know more than to give what you can.

If you have want to even go into poverty yourself, know this want is His Calling for you.

Priests, lay people, everyone who is in His Body, listen and walk the streets together. Everyone suffering in poverty today, please welcome the charity of His People.

People who chastise someone for leaving everything behind, shame comes on you and your family.

This is Our Lord’s Teaching for you, for everyone in the Roman Catholic Church.

Thanks be to God.