Diary of Wisdom and Love

This is a letter to Thomas and his wife, dear family friends in Australia

Vacone, Italy

Dear Tom and Laura,

I have been told to write this morning to you.

I have been told to write what was true about that night you, Tom, were suffering in a coma on the side of a hill.

You were placed into this coma by the Lord Your God.

He loves you.

I have been praying for you since that night. I have been praying for you and your wife.

I have been praying for your brother, my dear friend Charlie.

I have been praying for your mother and father to find Him, to find His Peace.

You are with Him today. You were with Him then. He is with you always.

These are the words sent to me by The Lord Jesus Christ, Your Eternal Saviour who has redeemed you, who has given you new life:

“I am your friend.
I love you.
Be my servants, I want you.”

These are His words, Tom and Laura. These are His words, Charlie and your partner.

These words are from Our Lord, Your God, Richard and Rosemary.

I love you dearly, my beloved friends and family.

Please see Him today and worship Him for the life He has given you right now.

He has saved you, Tom.

He loves you, all of you. He is with you. This is His prayer, say it in your heart and know He is with you when you know what you are feeling:

Bring us to You, Lord,
show us Your Way of Truth and Life.
Be near us, Lord,
and never leave our side.
Take me to You, Lord,
take me on the Way to Your Light.

This is for you, His dear children.

May the Peace of Jesus Christ be with you now and always.

God bless you, Richard, Rosemary, Tom, Laura, Charlie, and all your friends and family.

This Blessing is from the Lord Our God who speaks to me and says these words to you.